Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Knit-TED knitted

The rainbow dyeing workshop  I did s few weeks ago inspired me to dye white cotton thread in a Taupe color. The perfect color to knit the little Bunny. Knitting is not new for me, years and years ago I had a knitting home-Business and also knitted on request  for a local yarn shop. It was mostly wearable items for adults and children I knitted at that time. As I quit the knitting job, I soon started making teddy bears. I missed to knit so I regular knit custom made wearable's  for my  bears. 

I enjoyed very much to design and knit the Bunny. After the Bunny was done, I knew I needed to design and knit a bear-friend for Bunny.  It took a while to get the right bear shape with increasing, decreasing, short rows and so on but.. here he is..
The first ThReAdTeDs® knitted Collectibles I am totally pleased with and offer for sale soon. First they will travel to me to my next shows; Ladbergen and Stratford upon Avon!! 

Knit-TED comes with his own Toy/Display Block.  The Bunny is not included but will be sold separate. For him I also plan to make his own ThReAdTeDs® Collectibles Toy/Display Block. 

I make these Blocks myself. Each side of the Block shows another Picture.  
As I am back into knitting right now, more knit-TEDS and knit-FRIENDS will follow..the next one already is on my needles..

The Crochet pattern for Eli is now available from my website in 3 languages: English, Dutch and German. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rainbow Dyeing

Last week I did a workshop Rainbow dyeing. I am familair with dyeing in a pot the mini fabrics,  and also regular dye my own threads/wool for making my thread bears, but this way of Dyeing; Rinbow Dyeing opens a lot off possebilities to archive shades of colors to use in one project...

We could bring fabric or cotton yarn. I chose for the yarn. I dyed a hank unbleached 100% cotton (left in picture), and a hank mixed cotton/acryl. Also some DMC perle cotton (front in picture). The 100 % cotton absorbed the dye very well, with as result a bright colored yarn.  Also the DMC perle cotton dyed really well. The mixed cotton/acryl resulted in a really nice soft colored yarn. I love it. It was like magic to see all those wonderful colors appear, with the use of only 3 dye colors, Red, Yellow and Blue

I think the DMC thread I am going to use for a miniature knitting project. The other yarn I will look at, and enjoy the colors for now, until I know what to make with it.