Friday, June 14, 2013

Today is the day...........

 ... all Teddy Bears come together for Teddy`s Bear picnic..

Today is the day that you can see the preview from the wonderful bears which will be offered during the Teddies world wide On-line show June 28-30 2013 !!

I am happy to join the show in the miniature category. I have worked hard and proud of the pieces I am going to offer..a few need a last hand... 

My preview piece is finished.. it is little Teddy (above picture). not sewn, not crocheted, but knitted !!

Teddy is a real heirloom piece for years to enjoy. He is only 7 cm tall and 5 way jointed. Teddy is sitting on a grass circle, holding his cup, as the picnic soon begins. And who would think that you can turn the circle (to wind up the music box which I embedded in the linen. custom printed and sewn, block) and the famous song of Teddy`s Bear Picnic will play, while Teddy is turning and dreaming away, and later bring back memories of his most beautiful Teddy`s Bear Picnic day..

If you like Teddy, please cast your vote at Please read on the site how to cast your votes.

Voting categories for this show:
MINIATURE - Best Bear, Best Animal
FULL-SIZE - Best Bear, Best Animal

Thank you so much!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is it only me ...???

who has a work space like this??

I just don`t understand how I get a mess like this quickly, yesterday everything was were it belonged..a free working space. This morning I started finishing bears and in no time (it is 4 hours later)  it looks like this ...

and not even one bear complete finished !! I would be interested to hear if it is only me....?
Back to work... and clean up the