Friday, January 28, 2011

New mini fabric "INSPIRATION"

At the first show for this year I introduced this new (hand dyed by me) fabric.  Usually you search the fabric to the bear/animal you are going to make.. with this fabric you search what bear/animal you could make from this fabric !!
The bear in above picture is made from INSPIRATION mini fabric. I searched with the pattern templates over the piece fabric and chose the spots I liked best for that specific body part/limb for this bear. Each piece INSPIRATION mini fabric is totally unique, which of course will make unique OOAK creations.
It is difficult to sell these fabrics in my web shop because I have only 1 from each.  So I show here the fabrics from the "INSPIRATION" series available right now. My blog readers have first choice.. sold on come first , served first basis. I numbered the pieces, the cross means the piece is sold.
Look at the pictures, be inspired by this fabric and let your imagination flow...

Please sent me an email if you are interested in one or more of the above pieces.

1 comment:

Ik ben Esther said...

Hai hai,
Ik heb even op je blog rondgekeken en je hebt een harstikke leuke log,ik ga je zeker volgen!!
Wat een snoepie je beertje joh,ik ben direkt verliefd!!
Wat een superleuk concept om zo'n eenmalig lapje te gebruiken voor een uniek beertje! Ik ga eens nadenken erover...:O)
groetjes en leuk elkaar weer gesproken te hebben!!