Sunday, April 22, 2012

Teddy Bear Total is back!!

The new Teddy Bear Total crew did a wonderful job. It`s a fact now.. They brought back Teddy Bear Total to Münster and it was GREAT!! I sure will be back next year!!
Above my table at the show.
 The Golden George nominees displayed on a big screen..before the winners were announced...
Although my bears didn`t win a Golden George, I enjoyed the evening tremendous and happy with the Nominee trofees I received for Acrobat Bear and Bare Bear. 

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Minkitzbären by Holger und Claudia Schlue said...

Hallo Bertha,

ich fand die neue Teddybär Total auch klasse und freue mich auch schon auf das nächste Jahr, bin ebenfalls schon angemeldet.

Liebe Grüße