Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Yearly Bear Friends Works Shop

Every week we come together with friends, to work on bears or other fun project. In between we chat .. hmm. or should I say.. in between chatting we make bears .
To close the year we organize a Christmas workshop. I mostly take care for the projects.. others take care for food and drinks.
This year we made ThReAdTeDs® Bear Paw pincushion.

  First the Paw Pad was sewn together,  stuffed and weighted.

Then with a template the felted details were added. The claw beads sewn on seperate.

 The fun thing from these projects, with the template we made, everybody can do it..and each one ended up with a nicely needle felted pincushion to take home, with memories of a nice and fun day spent together with Friends.  


Bettina Groh said...

I would love to make the pincushion!! Is there any way to get the template? I know how to needlefelt and your pictures are enough for me to follow!

ThReAdTeDs® said...

Thanks so much for your interest.
At this time the template is not available, maybe somewhere in the future. Right now I use it for workshops only.