Saturday, February 16, 2013

Workshop Annemie koenen

I learned so much in the 3 day Shibori workshop last weekend. Annemie Koenen was a great teacher, very patience and very eager to teach us all we asked. Time was flying. 

The first day we made a small project, I choose for the bracelet. Making this small project made us familiar using the Shibori technique, and made us understand how to count and prepare a pre-felt for a bigger piece.  

Day 2 we first learned about size and shrinking.. then we were off to make the bigger project which would take all the 2 last days. Me and my friend (and the other students in the back ground) laying out the wool for the pre-felt.. 

Which resulted in the above collar after 2 days hard work.  Amazing huh..  I love the ruffles and balls.. I love how the colors blend into each other..

Student showing their finished Shibori pieces.  Right in the picture the teacher Annemie Koenen. Thank you Annemie for teaching and sharing an unforgettable felting experience !  

The day after at home I made the above piece from SA merino wool. It is so soft and felted so wonderful. Hope to have time to start another felt project soon..

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Faserträume said...

Das sieht superschön aus. Tolle Technik, die möchte ich auch lernen. Danke für Deinen Hinweis.
GlG Barbara