Monday, July 8, 2013

Vote now in Round 1 of URSA 2013 !!

You can vote from July 8 to July 31st period. One vote in each category.

Voting in Round 1 determines the top winners in each category. You don`t have to vote all at one time. The computer will keep track of which categories you voted previously. 
To make it easy, cast your vote AND then NOT close the voting page window as it takes you back to the beginning, but instead use the tab open-links or arrows-back to the category page. Use the "Next Category" arrow at the bottom of each page to advance.

This year I entered with KNIT-TED in Category 3: Medium Bare Bear or Bud - 6" to 11" - Undressed. Any Materials.

He is 20 cm tall

Wearing a Bobbin Lace Collar

I entered  TEDDY in Category 1: Wee Little Bare Bear or Bud - 5" and under - Undressed. Any Materials.

 Teddy is also knitted, only 7 cm tall

sitting on a custom made music box

holding his very own cup.
Both, TEDDY and KNIT-TED  for sure will have a hard time competing with all the wonderful entries.
Please check them out and vote for one favorite in each of the 17 Categories. 
Start HERE or use the link on the right. 

Thank you so much!!

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