Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Which way to go ..

Another half year has gone.. so much little time to update my Blog.

I am thinking a lot lately which way to go in my work-hobby-Art. Special this question keeps me busy;
Do I want to continue designing and write patterns for thread bears??
I still don`t know the answer, my hands have to keep busy though.
Then I discovered the patterns from Little Owls Hut, they looked very interesting and complicated, and I loved the look, different from anything else seen lately. I bought a few patterns and  enjoyed very much making up a few creatures. Please look at the link above Little Owls Hut Designs, to see what I made so far.

I also signed up as tester for the Crazy Cat  (Pattern will be available soon for you to make too) and loved doing it.
So for now I use my time to work with patterns from Little Owls Hut and keep my hands busy until I know which way to go ................... Bye the way.. I have permission to sell the finished pieces so maybe will bring some to Hugglets in September.

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