Friday, November 4, 2011

Voting Teddies Worldwide has begon !!

The preview for Teddies Worldwide Online show is open now for you to see...and to vote!!  Above is my show preview bear ROCCO, busy decorating his Christmas tree. To vote, and to see all preview bears from 75 Artist, I l invite you to visit Teddies Worldwide .You find ROCCO in the mini category. ROCCO is a clay sculpted fabric bear (special technique) only 2,5 inches tall. No wonder he needs the wooden blocks, so he can reach also the higher parts of the tree. ROCCO is all jointed.  Everything you see in the pictures, ROCCO, the hand crocheted tree plus decoration and the wooden display blocks (also hand decorated by me) are included with his offering. Voting is open until 17 November. Yo may cast 4 votes per family (IP address).
Hope you find time to visit, thanks so much!!

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