Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little One

Already another month gone.. no shows at the moment and I enjoy and use the time to create new bears and friends. I work on new patterns, crochet and sewing, to bring to you in the next year; 2012. Stay tuned!! In between I managed to make Little One, only a bit over an inch. He is on eBay right now and will be there for one more day. His auction ends tomorrow.  Go to the auction !!

 I don`t make these little one`s very often, but right now I have much fun with them. Always a challenge to go smaller and smaller...
The thread bears in above picture, next to Little one are between 1,5 cm and 2 cm. I just love the one on the right, with his long arms and longer body, like an old style bear in micro size.
In above picture the smallest crochet bear I made right now, he is a tat under 1,5 cm. My personal record so far is 1 cm, who lives in Australia. This one will go with me to the Advents market held in one of our local museums "Museum De Locht" next saturday and sunday for display. If you like to see him in real, you have to come to the Advents Market. It is not easy to crochet this small. I used silk sewing thread and hook size 0.4 .

Then I like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all who voted for ROCCO in the Teddie Worldwide On-line show. ROCCO ended 3th place in the mini category!! Thank you so much!!

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Crafter's Delights said...

Hello! you're mini teddy bears are amazing! Do you sell mini bear patterns? If so, I would love to purchase some from you. I'm new to crocheting miniature bears and I'm still learning. If you have any tips would be greatly appreciated! xoxo, Amy