Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NEW ThReAdTeDs® XX long Pile

The new ThReAdTeDs® XX Long Pile fabric is awesome!! The original color is white and does dye into beautiful colors.  The white and colors are available in my web-shop in normal size pieces 9"/9" and bigger pieces 18"/18" for white only. The long hair is great for scissor sculpting.
Bunny in picture is not finished yet, he is the prototype design for a new pattern/kit. He still needs some tweaks but he already can show the look of this wonderful ThReAdTeDs® XX Long Pile mini fabric.To give an idea..Bunny is 4" tall if standing.

I have done some experiments with RIT dye on XX long Pile. 
 It was messy but I like the result.
I probable used to much dye.. I had to rinse..and rinse..and rinse....
I have to figure out how to do this better so for now I have only 4 pieces 9"/9"
1 piece I am going to use for my next project..don`t know what it will be yet.. the above 3 pieces I offer for sale and are €10,- / $12,50 each.  First come first serve...

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