Monday, July 9, 2012

URSA Award Competition open for voting!!

Please vote now in the 7th Annual URSA Awards Competition !! Click on the above icon/link to see all the entries.  Please feel free to share the link and/or invite your friends to cast their vote too.

 The idea of the URSA is that all bears are seen and voted on. When you are going through all categories, you will come across my entries:

 In Category 1: Wee Little Bare Bear or Bud you find BonBon, a traditional teddy bear in a non traditional color.

In Category 10: Crocheted Bear or Bud, I entered Victoria, a N.O.S.T.© (New Old Style Ted), unique design for ThReAdTeDs®.

I enjoyed it so much to enter the All the same Category last year, so couldn`t resist to join again.  This year the pattern was given for a bunny. In Category 19 I entered my creation made from the All the same pattern: Panda Bunny. 

  Now I don`t keep you any longer, there are 17 categories and 109 entries to judge and vote for.  You can vote until 29 July in the first round. In name of all participants; Thank you so much !!  Here again the icon/link to bring you to all entries: 


Minkitzbären by Holger und Claudia Schlue said...

Hallo Bertha,

Deine Einreichungen sind total klasse geworden. Habe gerade meine Stimmen für Dich abgegeben. Ich drücke Dir die Daumen.

Liebe Grüße


ThReAdTeDs® said...

Vielen dank Claudia, und auch für dich viel Glück!!