Saturday, December 31, 2011


I like to thank  all my friends WORLD WIDE for their continue support in the past year and wishing a HAPPY and HEALTHY  2012!!  I am full off new ideas and hope to find the time to work them out.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little One

Already another month gone.. no shows at the moment and I enjoy and use the time to create new bears and friends. I work on new patterns, crochet and sewing, to bring to you in the next year; 2012. Stay tuned!! In between I managed to make Little One, only a bit over an inch. He is on eBay right now and will be there for one more day. His auction ends tomorrow.  Go to the auction !!

 I don`t make these little one`s very often, but right now I have much fun with them. Always a challenge to go smaller and smaller...
The thread bears in above picture, next to Little one are between 1,5 cm and 2 cm. I just love the one on the right, with his long arms and longer body, like an old style bear in micro size.
In above picture the smallest crochet bear I made right now, he is a tat under 1,5 cm. My personal record so far is 1 cm, who lives in Australia. This one will go with me to the Advents market held in one of our local museums "Museum De Locht" next saturday and sunday for display. If you like to see him in real, you have to come to the Advents Market. It is not easy to crochet this small. I used silk sewing thread and hook size 0.4 .

Then I like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all who voted for ROCCO in the Teddie Worldwide On-line show. ROCCO ended 3th place in the mini category!! Thank you so much!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Voting Teddies Worldwide has begon !!

The preview for Teddies Worldwide Online show is open now for you to see...and to vote!!  Above is my show preview bear ROCCO, busy decorating his Christmas tree. To vote, and to see all preview bears from 75 Artist, I l invite you to visit Teddies Worldwide .You find ROCCO in the mini category. ROCCO is a clay sculpted fabric bear (special technique) only 2,5 inches tall. No wonder he needs the wooden blocks, so he can reach also the higher parts of the tree. ROCCO is all jointed.  Everything you see in the pictures, ROCCO, the hand crocheted tree plus decoration and the wooden display blocks (also hand decorated by me) are included with his offering. Voting is open until 17 November. Yo may cast 4 votes per family (IP address).
Hope you find time to visit, thanks so much!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MISSING and more..

Last Friday and Saturday we participated on the biggest Doll and Teddy Bear show held in the Netherlands, organized   by Niesje Wolters . The show was held in Ahoy for 21 years and is now moving to the Center of the Nederlands.. next year this show is going to be in the Brabanthallen in s'Hertogenbosch. A beautiful location with no parking problems, like we suffered for many years in aHoy. Another good thing, the show is going to be again on Saturday and Sunday and not Friday and Saturday like it was the last years. So please note in your Agenda for next year 2012: The place to be on 27 and 28 October is the 22th Doll and Teddy Bear Show Brabanthallen s'Hertogenbosch !!

I enjoyed the first day very much, it was busy, busy, met a lot friends and made new friends.  The second day something happened which makes me very sad, and at the same time very angry..  one of my latest bears, made with a new and special technique, was stolen..yes..STOLEN from my table. This bear was sitting with 3 other bears, made with the same technique in a self made fabric covered box.

Above the last picture I made from BEAU (sitting in the left corner in the back). How can someone enjoy a stolen bear, each time when the thief will look at BEAU,  I hope he/she will feel guilty and know:  "This bear doesn`t belong to you!" And maybe feels so guilty that BEAU will be returned to me.

If you are the illegal owner of BEAU (see picture in above poster), please return her to me!!
If you have seen her some were, please let me know. I love to have her back!! If you like to help searching for BEAU, please feel free to use above picture. The more help, the more the chance she will be find.

Lucky also fun things happen, like customers bringing their bears they made from my patterns and fabrics to show the result.  Like the picture above, a little anime bear  (picture above) and the cat (picture below) both made from hand dyed  Inspiration fabric.  Aren`t these cute!!
Inspiration fabrics (and other mini fabrics) can be find in my ThReAdTeDs On-line shop,

Now I have to get busy for the Teddies Worldwide On-line show.. and the show in Berlin which is in 2 weeks.....

Monday, October 17, 2011


 Already 2 weeks paste since the show in Essen (Germany). It feels like yesterday, it was great to spent time with friends, and to meet new and old customers. In Essen I introduced this new Micro Fiber fabric. I made the bear in the picture from this fabric. The bear is 6"' (15 cm) tall.

 If clipping away the fur, the black color makes a great contrast.
 The design is printed different throughout the fabric, makes each bear a little different.
 Some pieces have more, some have less white coloor in it.
I also introduced 5 new colours Double Sided fabric, one side soft Micro Fiber, The other side suede look. The perfect fabric for making a reversable jacket. (Pattern for the Jacket (small and big size) is a free gift when buying this fabric) The bear in above picture is 4" (10 cm)

 The five new colors, Black, Brown, Tan, Medium Brown and Beige. In my web shop you find a few other colors as well.

 Above bear wearing the jacket big size.

At last, one of the latest new fabrics.. not have been to a show yet so people visiting the doll and bear show in aHoy will have the first scoop!  I LOVE IT!! I work on a bear right now from this fabric and will post the finished bear soon. This fabric has a long pile of 8 mm!! Still it is possible to work small. This fabric is only limited available. There was not much left, so gone is gone.  It is in my shop under XX Long Pile. A-series

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teddy Bear show Bamberg (Germany) 3 and 4 september 2011

Teddy Bear show Bamberg (Germany) 3 and 4 september 2011

Before flying to London tomorrow for the Hugglets show, I quickly add some pictures from our weekend to Bamberg, a wonderfull Historical town in Germany.  We drove without any problems and exited to get there early in the afternoon, so we could  go into  town for side seeing.  Unfortunately, only 14 kilometers before Bamberg we got in traffic. We stood still for 3,5 hour..because of an accident 2 kilometer in front of us. Instead of looking around in Bamberg, we arrived late, went out for dinner and got in bed early to be fresh in the morning for the show.

 A little impression from the show location, exhibitors ready setting up and waiting for the doors to open.
 My boot at the show in Bamberg.
 Very short side seeing walk after the show. Thought this house was funny..very crooked and uneven..
 This little bear went with us to see something from the town Bamberg.
 Not easy to make good picture from both..bear and town.
 The weather was hot, so a "little" refreshment before dinner was very welcome!!
I have learned that Bamberg has a lot to show. For next year we for sure will participate again at the 4th Bamberg Doll and Teddy Bear show and plan to travel on thirsday. In case we get in traffic, we will have all Friday to visit Bamberg.
Now I am going to start packing for Hugglets 10 september 2011. A little show preview from what I bring you can see HERE! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Panda made the finale in de URSA competition !!

I am very happy to anounce I have a finalist in the URSA competition, thank you so much for your vote. I do not know on what spot Little Panda ended, 1, 2 or 3 but a winner he is!!  
There is a few days left to make your final vote for the URSA Major Award winner. If you think little Panda deserves another vote, please click on the above link to go to the voting page. There is only a few days left and only one vote can be made in this last round.  Thanks so much!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Brand NEW ThReAdTeDs® Colectibles in mixed media !!

It is exited to.. after much trial and error.. create something new, but also a little bit scary to introduce to the collector.  Here is Bessy and Jopie. Bessy is available on Bear Pile right now.. she is the first ThReAdTeDs® collectible made in this, for me new technique, offered to the collector! I hope she will be accepted as I enjoyed so very much making her and Jopie and totally pleased with the result.

Bessy is only 3.5 inches (9 cm) tall and fully jointed.  Jopie is a little over 3 inches (8 cm) also fully jointed.

 More pictures from Bessy you can see on BearPile
Jopie will travel with me to Brugge in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hurry for URSA is ending 31 july

Doing all the business I forgot to announce my 3 entries in the URSA 2011 competition. Unfortunately the categories I entered did not receive enough entries and were added to other categories. Therefore they have stiff competition.  However.. it is fun to be part of the URSA entries and if you like them, I like to ask to please cast your vote for: 

Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Now on eBay..Monkey Tom!!

This little one was so stubborn..he had the chance to travel with me to the show in Lindau (Bodensee..beautiful area), but no..he preferred to go on eBay. Maybe he feels the rain coming..

However.. sometimes I have to listen to my little friends so here he is:


So I leave him all by himself on eBay while we travel tomorrow to Lindau. The show is on Saturday and Sunday, but driving on Friday is no option. We need about 7 hours, with stops more to get to Lindau. Friday many people start their holidays so traffic on Friday is for sure.  On my website I added a little show preview. I was  busy dyeing new "Inspiration"  fabrics and hope the visitors in Lindau will like these as much as I do. I even dyed bigger pieces for bigger bears. 
A little preview of the bigger pieces in above picture. Hope you are able to visit the show and look at all these new fabrics in real.
It`s time for me to sleep, as we leave here early in the morning. Hope to be able to take some pictures at the show to show here next week. Until then!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Thread Bunny on eBay


This little fellow you can find on eBay right now. Click on above link to visite him. He is only 1 1/4 inches tall and fully jointed. Comes with the wooden display block and his very own, wet felted flower.  His auction ends on Jul 11, 2011 15:00:11 PDT

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More INSPIRATION fabrics !!!

It has been a while I have updated my Blog. Time is running to quickly and I have a busy show schedule.
I got request for more "Inspiration" fabrics. As each piece is different from the other, it is difficult to put these in my shop, so I add pictures again here in my Blog from the pieces I have available now. Cross through the  fabric means the piece is sold. The pieces will be sold on first come first served. If you like to order one ore more pieces, please sent me an email with the numbers of your choice, and the way you like to pay (paypal for International orders) and I get back to you with the total plus shipping.

These are the pieces available:

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Marion`s pictures truly are a form off Art!! I met Marion on the show in Noordwijkerhout were she bought one of my little elephants.  This little elephant is used in the below pictures with one off Marions Ball jointed Dolls named Ronja.

The wooden toy block I made is the perfect size for Marion`s Ball Jointed Dolls.
If you like to see more pictures from Ronja and more of Marions amazing work, visite
I am sure you will have a great time visiting!!


My last post was about my new hand dyed mini fabric; INSPIRATION.
One of my customers, Tina Cross, sent me pictures from her lovely bears she made from this fabric.Tina gave me permission to share these pictures with you.

There are more pictures on e-bay were they are listed right now!! Click on their picture to visit them.  

There are some pieces INSPIRATION fabric left..see pictures in my previous post.
New INSPIRATION mini fabrics coming soon ...

Friday, January 28, 2011

New mini fabric "INSPIRATION"

At the first show for this year I introduced this new (hand dyed by me) fabric.  Usually you search the fabric to the bear/animal you are going to make.. with this fabric you search what bear/animal you could make from this fabric !!
The bear in above picture is made from INSPIRATION mini fabric. I searched with the pattern templates over the piece fabric and chose the spots I liked best for that specific body part/limb for this bear. Each piece INSPIRATION mini fabric is totally unique, which of course will make unique OOAK creations.
It is difficult to sell these fabrics in my web shop because I have only 1 from each.  So I show here the fabrics from the "INSPIRATION" series available right now. My blog readers have first choice.. sold on come first , served first basis. I numbered the pieces, the cross means the piece is sold.
Look at the pictures, be inspired by this fabric and let your imagination flow...

Please sent me an email if you are interested in one or more of the above pieces.