Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bella, Wet Felting Beyond the Basics

BELLA is first crocheted from a wonderful quality wool yarn. Then wet felted, fulled and sculpted all by hand, no machine involved. There are many techniques and opinions on how to create hand-made felt, and I feel that all methods have value and are worth exploring. With Bella I started to experiment with the amazing sculptural flexibility of wool and crochet and went beyond the basics of wet felting. I gave BELLA bent legs and wrinkles in her tummy.To be able to do this you need to understand the process of wet-felting and sculpting.  I took classes from famous and experienced Felt-Artist.  The pro of felting by hand is that I can stop the felting process were ever I like. I am in control. It took a lot of time to create BELLA, but it was soo worth it. I hope you love BELLA as much as I loved bringing her to life.