Monday, October 29, 2012

Addi Quick turbo felting machine

We had a wonderful show last weekend. Many, many visitors, it was crowded all day on Saturday and Sunday. Bears and dolls found new homes. There were several kinds of work-shops were visitors could sit down and join the fun to learn something new.
My opinion; It was a good move from the Organizer to change the location for this big Doll and Bear show from  Ahoy to the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch.

I was totally exited about the new addi Quick needle felting tool, which I received in the mail a week before this show. As Jessica von der Fecht (the lady who invented the tool) is not familiar with bear/animal making, I asked her if it was ok to introduce and show the Addi Quick to the bear making people during the show.  I was so exited about the possibilities, the ease to work with the tool, and the time it would save...  I just had to share this wonderful tool with fellow artist and bear makers.

I prepared some little projects to work on and to demonstrate  the Addi Quick Turbo felting machine during the show. I also invited people to sit down and give it a try.. here some pictures made during the show from a few of the many people who tried the AddiQuick:

  Like me, they became exited and for many it came on top of their Christmas wishes list. If you want to learn more about Jessica von der Fecht, about her work and her invention visite her Blog at 
To order the Addi Quick Turbo machine visite the shop at
or google to find a seller in your country or area. I enjoyed it very much to introduce Jessie`s felting machine. Thank you Jessie for sharing your wonderful invention with all of us felting enthusiasts!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What keeps me busy..

Preparing for the last 3 shows in 2012.

Upcoming weekend (Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October )the show from Niesje Wolters in Den Bosch.. Yes..ATTENTION !! a new location!! For me this location is not bad as it is closer to my house so can drive home. 

Then the next week I will be in Wiesbaden. For the first time Kreativ Welt has an extra spot for Teddy Bear Artist, a Teddy Bear show within a very big happening..Kreativ Welt!! 

It is a 4 day happening so hopefully see many of you there. I don`t know what spot we will be, as these will be provided the day of set up.

Then at last on 18 November the Berlinale, Teddy Bear show in Berlin.

Besides bears I am preparing/dyeing lots of fabrics.. Special the the XX Long Pile mini fabric I like very much. It does sew easy, does not fray and the long hair makes it fun to scissor sculpt. It is easy to use for small bear as well as for bigger bears. I bring examples of bears made with this fabric, here is already one for you to see:

Another great thing, this fabric does hand- dye into lovely colors and shades.  Here some examples of the Tie Dye and Stripes I have done before with other mini fabrics:

And a new way of dyeing in shades from light to dark:

I call this SHADOW. I almost finished a bear with this new Shadow dyed fabric and hope to have him finished before the next shows for you to see.
Back to work.. and hopefully see you soon.