Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ladbergen 2012

We had a wonderful weekend in Ladbergen. This is a very special Teddy Bear show. All the town is Teddy Bears!! Shops are open and even in the windows are Teddy Bears displayed.
During the opening the local Mayor received the first Bear from a limited edition, special made for this year, from the show organizer.

All set up and ready to go.....................

Customers spent time chatting with Artist..

or searching for that special bear or supplies they were looking for.

During the show a felt workshop was teached. I followed the progress of one of the students during the  workshop.
Here she exited starts the project

Wool is needle-felted down ... 

.. the all over shape is done..

Extra details added ...

And finished!!

The Ladberger Teddy Bear Challenge was held in 2 categories, small bears and big(ger) bears, and the winners are chosen by the public.  This year the Theme was; Bear with Animal.

The winners in the first category..

and second category!!

A special thank you for Claudia, for all the help she gives to make the show successful!! Next year the 20th Teddy Bear Show in Ladbergen will be on 8 and 9 June 2013!!