Thursday, February 5, 2015

First Show of 2015 and Addy Quick Pro !!

The first show; the Doll and Teddy Bear Show in Maastricht MECC, in 2015 is already over. It was a good one!!  Several little bears and animals found a new home.

I also brought lots of hand dyed mini-fabric to choose from  I am sure these will turn out in lovely bears/animals!!

During the Show I had the opportunity to demonstrate the brand new Addy-Quick Pro !!  Myself I am very exited about this tool. I have worked several years now with the  Addy Quick (Hobby) and it always served my needs. But..using this new machine now.. wow!! 

The Addi-Pro is meant for Professional needle felters. You can work longer after each other, the machine is stronger and you are able to control speed. 

Visitors were exited to try the new Machine. The price for the Addy-Pro is €298,50. I think this is not for everyone affordable, so it is good to know the Addy-Hobby with the price off  €95,- is still available. The shop  MoederAarde is shipping world wide.  Info and order  by email .


Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Happy 2015 !!

May it be a good  and creative one for everyone!! 

Marie the Christmas Tree in above picture, was made by me and finished before Christmas. She was again a test for 
Besides Marie I tested and finished a few other creations in the past months and will add these soon to the LittleOwlsHut Section in this Blog. You might want to buy one of the pieces I have made, or make your own with the patterns from LittleOwlsHut.  

I hope to test more in the future, but also have to start preparing for the next Teddy Bear shows to come. First Show already the end of this month..eeeek..better start working. 

Also like to share the Article in the latest Teddy Bears and Friends magazine. Enjoy reading! 

The Article ends with the information that we will visit USA in June 2015 to attend the Teddy Bear Reunion in the Heartland in Clarion.  We looked so forward to it, but unfortunately the Reunion is canceled.