Friday, November 4, 2011

Voting Teddies Worldwide has begon !!

The preview for Teddies Worldwide Online show is open now for you to see...and to vote!!  Above is my show preview bear ROCCO, busy decorating his Christmas tree. To vote, and to see all preview bears from 75 Artist, I l invite you to visit Teddies Worldwide .You find ROCCO in the mini category. ROCCO is a clay sculpted fabric bear (special technique) only 2,5 inches tall. No wonder he needs the wooden blocks, so he can reach also the higher parts of the tree. ROCCO is all jointed.  Everything you see in the pictures, ROCCO, the hand crocheted tree plus decoration and the wooden display blocks (also hand decorated by me) are included with his offering. Voting is open until 17 November. Yo may cast 4 votes per family (IP address).
Hope you find time to visit, thanks so much!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MISSING and more..

Last Friday and Saturday we participated on the biggest Doll and Teddy Bear show held in the Netherlands, organized   by Niesje Wolters . The show was held in Ahoy for 21 years and is now moving to the Center of the Nederlands.. next year this show is going to be in the Brabanthallen in s'Hertogenbosch. A beautiful location with no parking problems, like we suffered for many years in aHoy. Another good thing, the show is going to be again on Saturday and Sunday and not Friday and Saturday like it was the last years. So please note in your Agenda for next year 2012: The place to be on 27 and 28 October is the 22th Doll and Teddy Bear Show Brabanthallen s'Hertogenbosch !!

I enjoyed the first day very much, it was busy, busy, met a lot friends and made new friends.  The second day something happened which makes me very sad, and at the same time very angry..  one of my latest bears, made with a new and special technique, was stolen..yes..STOLEN from my table. This bear was sitting with 3 other bears, made with the same technique in a self made fabric covered box.

Above the last picture I made from BEAU (sitting in the left corner in the back). How can someone enjoy a stolen bear, each time when the thief will look at BEAU,  I hope he/she will feel guilty and know:  "This bear doesn`t belong to you!" And maybe feels so guilty that BEAU will be returned to me.

If you are the illegal owner of BEAU (see picture in above poster), please return her to me!!
If you have seen her some were, please let me know. I love to have her back!! If you like to help searching for BEAU, please feel free to use above picture. The more help, the more the chance she will be find.

Lucky also fun things happen, like customers bringing their bears they made from my patterns and fabrics to show the result.  Like the picture above, a little anime bear  (picture above) and the cat (picture below) both made from hand dyed  Inspiration fabric.  Aren`t these cute!!
Inspiration fabrics (and other mini fabrics) can be find in my ThReAdTeDs On-line shop,

Now I have to get busy for the Teddies Worldwide On-line show.. and the show in Berlin which is in 2 weeks.....