Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teddy Bear Welt 2013 Wiesbaden

Last weekend you could find us at the biggest Teddy Bear Show in Wiesbaden. This show always is great, though this year we had a bad experiment. Being very busy the first day, late in the afternoon, our purse was stolen.. quiet a shock!!   Almost all earnings off the first day gone !! And nothing we can do..  
The thief(s) confused us with tricks and managed to steal the purse behind our table...  later we figured out they were with a group of 4 and must have been professionals.

This put quiet a dark cloud on what should have been a great weekend.

In the evening the Ted World Wide Awards were announced, winning in my category cheered me up a little.

Above Pincushion "I`v got the whole world in my hands" won in the Subject Bear category in the Master Classes. 

If you are doing shows, watch your purse !!