Friday, January 28, 2011

New mini fabric "INSPIRATION"

At the first show for this year I introduced this new (hand dyed by me) fabric.  Usually you search the fabric to the bear/animal you are going to make.. with this fabric you search what bear/animal you could make from this fabric !!
The bear in above picture is made from INSPIRATION mini fabric. I searched with the pattern templates over the piece fabric and chose the spots I liked best for that specific body part/limb for this bear. Each piece INSPIRATION mini fabric is totally unique, which of course will make unique OOAK creations.
It is difficult to sell these fabrics in my web shop because I have only 1 from each.  So I show here the fabrics from the "INSPIRATION" series available right now. My blog readers have first choice.. sold on come first , served first basis. I numbered the pieces, the cross means the piece is sold.
Look at the pictures, be inspired by this fabric and let your imagination flow...

Please sent me an email if you are interested in one or more of the above pieces.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I won a Toby Industry Choice Award 2011 with Steam Punk Clown.
I custom printed, and treated to make colors permanent, the fabric used for his body and hat. Steampunk details are added to hat and body. Steam Punk clown is 5 inches tall.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New design

Here is my latest design, a tiny bear, 2.5 small,  with BIG toes. The name is Jet.
The little bear is on his way to USA. 

Tomorrow and Sunday you can find us at the HobbyFestival in Bleiswijk. I added a little show preview on my website. Klik on the flag for your language.

Enjoy and happy weekend!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo camera 5.1 mega pixels ..anyone intrested ??

I did it, I bought a new photo camera !!  After checking many pro and contra`s I decided for a Sony Digital SLR camera. As at first my eye was on a Sony nex 5 camera, but the Sony SLR has more possibilities if it comes to accessories, objectives etc.

Now I have no use anymore for  my old camera, which really does not look old at all, and sell it. 
All the accessories you see in the picture are included. Also a Cokin conversion lens I bought last year.  Please sent me an email if you are interested.   This camera works perfect and I always enjoyed using it. I made the above picture with my new camera.  Next I am going to practice on photo shooting my bears...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I did not make any resolutions for the new year.. well maybe one .. to live each day as it comes!! 

This first week of the year I enjoyed my wet felting class and learning new techniques.  I learned felting in layers, using silk for the inside to make it more solid, and adding resist. I did choose to make a  small bag, using the resist for inside bag and for adding an extra pocket. After finishing the felting part I added lots of details, the result showing in the next pictures. The shape is a long triangle, folded in the middle. The pointy part holds enough space for a mobile phone, the other side for purse, keys..   The extra pocket on the back side (lined with cotton) for credit card..or whatever you like to carrie with you.

 Extra pocket closes with zipper.
On the inside I embroidered the words  "I love Teddy Bears" 
Inside another zipper.
For the corner I made a bear head and arms with the purpose to close the bag.
To close push the felted ball..
Through the bear`s arms. 
Would you be interested to purchase this bag, please contact me private at I can sent the bag not before 17 January though, as that is my next class, and rule is to bring and show the finished creations.
I enjoyed combine this wet felting project with my bears very much !!  Hope you like the combination too.