Saturday, March 5, 2011


Marion`s pictures truly are a form off Art!! I met Marion on the show in Noordwijkerhout were she bought one of my little elephants.  This little elephant is used in the below pictures with one off Marions Ball jointed Dolls named Ronja.

The wooden toy block I made is the perfect size for Marion`s Ball Jointed Dolls.
If you like to see more pictures from Ronja and more of Marions amazing work, visite
I am sure you will have a great time visiting!!


My last post was about my new hand dyed mini fabric; INSPIRATION.
One of my customers, Tina Cross, sent me pictures from her lovely bears she made from this fabric.Tina gave me permission to share these pictures with you.

There are more pictures on e-bay were they are listed right now!! Click on their picture to visit them.  

There are some pieces INSPIRATION fabric left..see pictures in my previous post.
New INSPIRATION mini fabrics coming soon ...