Monday, October 17, 2011


 Already 2 weeks paste since the show in Essen (Germany). It feels like yesterday, it was great to spent time with friends, and to meet new and old customers. In Essen I introduced this new Micro Fiber fabric. I made the bear in the picture from this fabric. The bear is 6"' (15 cm) tall.

 If clipping away the fur, the black color makes a great contrast.
 The design is printed different throughout the fabric, makes each bear a little different.
 Some pieces have more, some have less white coloor in it.
I also introduced 5 new colours Double Sided fabric, one side soft Micro Fiber, The other side suede look. The perfect fabric for making a reversable jacket. (Pattern for the Jacket (small and big size) is a free gift when buying this fabric) The bear in above picture is 4" (10 cm)

 The five new colors, Black, Brown, Tan, Medium Brown and Beige. In my web shop you find a few other colors as well.

 Above bear wearing the jacket big size.

At last, one of the latest new fabrics.. not have been to a show yet so people visiting the doll and bear show in aHoy will have the first scoop!  I LOVE IT!! I work on a bear right now from this fabric and will post the finished bear soon. This fabric has a long pile of 8 mm!! Still it is possible to work small. This fabric is only limited available. There was not much left, so gone is gone.  It is in my shop under XX Long Pile. A-series