Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back from Hugglets

What a great show we had last weekend at Hugglets. All the day visitors in all the rooms.. amazing!!
Thanks so much to all who came see me, and who took home bears, friends and/or mini fabrics!  Petty I did not had time to go around to see all the wonderful bears and friends from fellow Artist myself.

These Inspiration fabrics I introduced first at Hugglets. I am curious to see what bears will be made with these. Many possibilities with multiple colors in one piece mini fabric.
These and other colors are now also available in my web shop. You find these in the Inspiration category called Carnival. 
 Also available in the same category of my shop stripes fabric in Scarlet and Ginger.
The next 2 weeks I probable will be busy to dye more fabrics for Wiesbaden, the biggest 2 day show in Europe, and making bears and friends.. if time permits I keep you updated here and/or on Face-book.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hurray !! The jury nominated „Acrobat Bear" for the awarding of the GOLDEN GEORGE 2012 and..................
...the jury nominated „Bare Bear" for the awarding of the GOLDEN GEORGE 2012 !! 
This is the first time you (public vote) can vote on-line for YOUR favorite in the GOLDEN GEORGE entries. A very nice thing, you can make a choice out off ALL entries they received, also those not nominated. I think that is such a great thing that ALL the entries will be seen and have a change for winning a public choice!! I sent in 3 entries. 
 Earlette was not nominated but she is happy you can see her anyway among all those entries and can be voted for. 
Take a look and make your vote for your favorite.. not easy I can tell!! You can only vote for 1 favorite!!  Here is the link, please share!!:

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I had a special order for a 10 mm thread bear. As you know I don`t do these little ones to often, if I do they mostly turn out about 15 mm. It is possible to go very very small, but if I can not add the same detail as in a bigger bear it is not right for me. So wow..I was happy when I finally, after 13 mm and 12 mm, had the last bear turn out 10 mm, with the same detail as the bigger bears and fully jointed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

WOBBLE TED new crochet pattern !!

For all who pointed to me that there was no pattern available for this type bear (head and muzzle crocheted at the same time from top to neck) and patiently waited for the pattern, I am happy to let you know the pattern for WOBBLE TED is finished.
I offer the pattern right now on Etsy and eBay, and will add the pattern in my shop as soon as the pattern in German language is finished (translation is still worked on). Right now the English and Dutch version is ready for sale. Hope you like Wobble Ted.